Physical Activity

Strength Training: 7 Reasons to Lift Weights

Written by UConn Dietetics Intern Jami Pliego Let’s talk strength training! There is a common misconception that only body builders or those looking to gain weight need to practice strength training. However, this is not true! Regular strength training is important to keep your muscles working properly and maintaining body strength. Anyone can strength train, […]

Strength Training Benefits for Aging Bodies

Written by Kaleigh Sullivan As people age, activities that at one time were reasonably easy now take more effort. While it may seem like this is a natural part  of getting older, there are ways to prevent this. Exercise at any period of life is beneficial for the heart, muscles, joints, and mood, but movement and physical […]

Let’s Get Active! – 5 Ways to Get Your Family Moving

Written by UConn Dietetics student Rama Kattan Physical activity is important for keeping your family healthy and strong. Research has shown that kids who participate in physical activity maintain their weight and perform better in school1. Being a role model and participating in daily physical activity can help your children build positive health behaviors. The […]