Month: March 2024

Fact vs Myth about Caffeine

Written by UConn Dietetics Masters student Casey Henderson Caffeine. From regular coffee drinkers who are convinced they need that first cup before anyone can speak to them, to college students who claim the caffeine keeps them awake to study for a big test, we all consume caffeine in different ways. How does caffeine really work? […]

Are You Eating Enough Seafood?

Written by UConn Dietetics Masters student Samantha Conroy Seafood (fish and shellfish) is a nutrient dense source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, rich in vitamins A; B12; D; iron; zinc; magnesium; phosphorus; and potassium and is relatively low in calories.1 Evidence has shown that eating fish and other seafood improves brain, eye, and heart health. […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Turmeric?

Written by UConn Dietetics Masters student Elena Manning Turmeric has been a popular spice in dishes of all cultures, often used for its bright color and warm taste. In recent years, it has become a staple in many cabinets. There have been many claims of its powerful effects, some even naming it a “superfood.” But […]

Tips for Eating out at Restaurants

Written by UConn Dietetics Student Austin Goldberg When it comes to eating out at restaurants, there are so many delicious foods to choose from. Be aware that there is often added sodium, extra fat, sugar, and calories in restaurant foods. If you eat out regularly, these calories can add up. Check out these tips for […]

The Nutritional Value of Color

Written by UConn Dietetics Masters student Sam Nunes Have bright and vibrant colored foods ever caught the attention of your eye or your stomach? Our visual experience of food impacts the choices we make when it comes to what we eat. There is a reason for this. There are nutritional benefits and appeal to colorful […]

Breastfeeding: For You and Your Baby

Written by Dietetics Masters Student Kristina Croteau Breastfeeding is the recommended feeding practice for new mothers, providing ample nutritional benefits to their babies. The first fluid the breasts make after delivery of baby is colostrum, often called “liquid gold” because it is packed with the mother’s antibodies which in turn help build the baby’s immune […]

National Nutrition Month 2024 – Beyond the Table!

Food, Nutrition and Health Tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month® inspires us to look Beyond the Table when thinking about our health and the environment. Choices we make daily, including what we’re going to eat and drink, can make a big difference — both now and in […]