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    Tips for tasty family meals

Fact-based food and nutrition information to help
informed choices for you and your family!

Toddlers Eating Strawberries

Kids Under 5


Healthy feeding-related topics available for parents and guardians of toddlers and preschool children.

Teens Playing Sports

Tweens & Teens


Educational, fact-based nutrition and physical activity resources for tweens and teens (ages 11 - 18 years).

Adults Shopping



Fact-based nutrition and health resources to help adults (of all ages!) stay healthy.

Kid Cooking

Healthy Recipes!


Spice up the week with new healthy meals and delicious snacks! 

About Us

Healthy Family Connecticut has a suite of food and nutrition resources for parents and adults (offered in both English and Spanish). Informational resources on many food and feeding-related topics are available for parents of toddlers, and preschool aged children. Videos for school age kids on healthy eating and lifestyle like reducing screen time are available also! We also have a fun nutrition game for children to play. Learn more