Introducing Our Team

Is it hard to find answers to your questions about food and nutrition? Is the information confusing?  Is it tough to figure out what is true and false? We, as Registered Dietitians (RD) at UConn, are here to help!

We are excited to announce our new website: Healthy Family Connecticut! It is filled with facts about food and nutrition for all ages! There are tip sheets you can print and read at home on topics including: how to get little ones to eat more fruits and veggies, eating a balanced diet, and cutting down on sugar sweetened beverages. We even have educational videos to share with your child or teen, from the importance of calcium for their bones to great ideas for moving more! You’ll also find a web-based nutrition game for pre-teens and teens. It can help them understand the five food groups in a fun way. Encourage them to try it! The game is filled with messages about healthy eating and physical activity.

Visit the “About Us” page on the new website to meet our team of RDs. Find out who we are and why we are passionate about food, nutrition, and wellness for all ages.

Looking for information on a topic you do not see? Send us an email at We would be happy to include your suggestions for future blog posts! You can also set up a call with one of our RDs to provide you with more personalized nutrition information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Eat Well, Feel Well!

  • The UConn Department of Allied Health Sciences SNAP-Ed Nutrition Team